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Veterans from the William B.Dalton Post conduct the flag raising for the dedication. The flag pole and flags that fly on it were purchased and installed by the veterans group for the Public Safety Building.
Pictured in the middle of the photograph is retired Holbrook Police Sergeant Leo Riendeau.

United States Attorney Michael J Sullivan during opening remarks.

State Rep. Ronald Mariano who, along with Senator Morrissey,
was able to secure funding that was needed to complete the building.

Bob Fowkes, representing congressman Stephen Lynch.

Norfolk County District Attorney William Keating.

Norfolk County Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti
Selectmen Paul Currie, Paul Stigas and Richard McGaughey.

David Holden, the Chairman of the Public Safety Building Comitee.

The Chief of the Holbrook Fire Department Edward Obrien.

The Chief of the Holbrook Police Department Jonathan Cordaro.

Holbrook Fire Lieutenant Luke McFadden and family.

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