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Officer Knowlton helping out in class.


 Holbrook Citizen's Police Academy



Class 1

A "Citizen's Academy" is a mock police academy (that does not involve physical training!) designed to educate

participants on different aspects of police work in a community.  Class time is divided into lecture and practical exercises.

Want to learn more?  Apply today!

HCPAC #2 will commence on 9/5/2012.  The deadline has been changed to 15 days prior to start of class (8/21/12).

Please, apply as soon as possible!





For anyone interested in attending please print and complete the following two forms:


CORI Waiver

(Please return all three attached pages of the CORI Waiver, not just the signature page)


There will be a $20 fee for students to pay for related expenses.  Please make checks payable to "Town of Holbrook" and write

"Citizen's Academy" in the memo line.


Send the Completed notarized forms and the $20 check to:


ATTN: Ofc. Thomas Gainey

Holbrook Public Safety Building
300 South Franklin Street
Holbrook MA 02343


The Holbrook Police Department and its members will be the sole determining agency in deciding who will be admitted to the academy.

While applicants will be considere on a first come first served basis, this is by no means the only criteria.

Applicants will be chosen based on a number of factors and individuals who are not accepted for this class are encouraged to re-apply for future classes.


Thank you for your interest in any case!

Officer Thomas Gainey
(781)767-1212 xt804



Sgt. Mark Shanly
(781)767-1212 xt808

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The Chief lecturing.


Officer Gainey at the pizza party.


Other agencies helping out.