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Chief William Smith
Secretary Debbie Hoyte

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8am to 4pm
Sgt. Robert McNamara
Ofc. Daniel Ford
Ofc. Joshua Knowlton
Ofc. Anthony DeGrazia

8-4/4-12 Split Shift
Ofc. Joseph Salvucci
Det. Keysha Mitchell
Det. Scott Glover

12am to 8am
Sgt. Thomas Gainey
Ofc. Andrew Martins
Ofc. Martin Faherty

4pm to 12am

Sgt. William Marble
Ofc. Eric Gunderway
Ofc. James Hurley
Ofc. Brian MacGregor

4-12/12-8 Split Shift
Sgt. William Keegan
Ofc. James Landers
Ofc. John Kearney

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