What to do if you discover a Suspicious Package

What makes a package suspicious? Some things to look for are:

1) No return address
2) Mailed from a foreign country
3) Excessive postage
4) Mispelled words
5) Addressed to title only
6) Addressed to incorrect title
7) Badly typed or written
8) Lopsided or uneven
9) Rigid or bulky
10) Strange odor
11) Oily stains, or discolorization
12) Crystalization or powder wrapper
13) Excessive tape or string

If you receive a package you feel is suspicious DO NOT OPEN IT. If you can leave it outside, do so. Call 911 - DO NOT bring the item to the Police or Fire Station.
Wash your hands with soap and warm water, and avoid all other mail or items associated with the suspicious item. Keep everyone away from the item until emergency personnel arrive.

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