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Phone Solicitation Scam

The Holbrook Police Department has recently been made aware of an individual or individuals who are calling local businesses and soliciting money for the department.

The Holbrook Police Department DOES NOT solicit funds over the phone.  The Union DOES NOT solicit over the phone either.

If the department or the union request your assistance it will be by mail only, or a uniformed officer will visit your business personally.  The next mailing is scheduled for some time in late January.

If there is ever a question of whether or not the solicitation is legitimate please call the department at (781)767-1212 and the dispatcher will assist you.  If you can, get as much information from the caller as possible to assist us in an investigation should one become neccesary.

Also remember that all checks should be sent directly to the department in any case.  We are currently accepting donations in support of the K9 program.  If you wish to support this program please send donations to:

The Holbrook Police Department
K9 Fund
300 South Franklin Street
Holbrook MA, 02343

The men and women of the Holbrook Police Department do not wish to discourage the support of our programs or anyone else's; we appreciate your continued support!

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