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Mission and Values

The Mission of the Holbrook Police Department is to provide professional community policing services to all citizens.

All members are committed to creating and maintaining community partnerships and working with residents of Holbrook in identifying, analyzing and solving problems that affect quality of life issues. Officers are dedicated to providing fair and equal treatment to all our citizens and to protecting life, property and order maintenance.

Value Statement

The Holbrook Police officers are dedicated to the values of the department and will always do their best to foster relationships with the citizenry, maximize the effectiveness of the department through community partnerships, and represent the town and the people of Holbrook as courteously and professionally as possible. The values of the department reflect the values of the town. The department is dedicated to service and safety, while maximizing the resources offered by the population. By fostering relationships among community stakeholders, other state and local agencies, as well as the residents themselves, the department will maintain a sense of safety and well-being for the residents and visitors to the township.

The department is dedicated to building trust and legitimacy, developing policy and transparency in line with the values of the residents, utilizing modern technology and social media to connect with the constituency, reducing crime and building community, and maintaining the appropriate training, education, wellness and safety of our officers.

Police Member with a K9.