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Holbrook Police Department Welcomes New Comfort Dog Blue

HOLBROOK — Chief William Smith is pleased to welcome Comfort Dog Blue as the newest member of the Holbrook Police Department.

Blue, a 10-week-old Golden Retriever, officially joined the department on Friday, Oct. 15.

Blue received his comfort dog training from Golden Opportunities for Independence in Walpole. He and his handler, School Resource Officer Scott Glover, will attend additional training during the next several months to get to know one another a little better and learn more about working together.

Blue’s training will include a puppy aptitude test, puppy star for dog handler test, canine good citizen test, public access test, as well as a search and certification course.

Blue will help with de-escalation of children in need, provide comfort to children and others who may be experiencing or have experienced trauma, visit schools, assist in search and rescue efforts and more. SRO Glover will be tasked with finding innovative ways to connect Blue with community members.

“Blue will serve as a resource for the whole community, and provide comfort and care when people need it the most, while also helping us to further relationships with residents,” Chief Smith said. “We have long hoped for a comfort dog to join our ranks, and we thank the District Attorney’s Office for making our hopes a reality.”

Funding to bring Blue aboard was provided by a grant from the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office.

“I cannot wait to spend more time with Blue and see the smiles on our resident’s faces as they meet him in the coming weeks,” said SRO Glover. “His kind, nurturing and trusting demeanor is sure to put anyone at ease.”